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La Collina offers two kinds of cutting boards: End Grain and Edge Grain.


End Grain

Available in a variety of sizes and wood combinations, La Collina's end grain cutting boards are crafted to stand up to years of use in any kitchen. Since the wood fibers in "end grain" – or "Butcher Block" – boards are aligned vertically, they are not as easily sliced. The surface of an end grain board will hold up extremely well, and chef's knives will retain their cutting edges longer between sharpenings.

There's no need to sacrifice aesthetics for performance in the kitchen. These boards are both durable and beautiful. There's a reason serious chefs prefer end grain boards for heavy duty chopping and slicing. All of our cutting boards are finished with a natural oil which both dries inside the wood (unlike mineral and vegetable oil finishes) and seals the surface from moisture and contaminants.

Edge Grain

La Collina's edge grain cutting boards are available in three sizes in Maple, Black Walnut and Black Birch. The largest easily accommodates your large holiday roast with room for fixings! These boards are both practical in your kitchen and handsome enough to bring to the dinner table. They feature non-skid feet, and finger grooves to make them easier to carry to the table. Our Medium and Large sizes have a juice groove to keep things neat; the smallest size makes a beautiful palette for your hors d'oeuvres.

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