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The Tondo (from the Italian: “rotondo") refers to the circular work of art – painting, relief carving, plaque, or mural design – which became popular during the Italian Renaissance. At a generous 16" diameter, the Tondo is a canvas large enough for a homemade pizza or as a serving board for appetizers. Each Tondo is roughly 1" thick and features recessed cutouts for handholds. The Tondo is finished using our natural, food safe finish which soaks into the wood and provides an excellent moisture barrier. The Tondo is available in American Oak, Black Walnut, Cherry, Black Birch and Maple.

  • Dimensions: 16”
  • Handmade in Dutchess County, New York
  • Unless otherwise noted, all of the wood we work with has been sustainably harvested from our farm, recovered from fallen trees, or upcycled from a local mill.
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