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One of the most important tools in any kitchen is a well-designed – and well-honed – chef’s knife. After an extensive search, we located a forge that has met our criteria for both steel quality and elegance.


With beautiful Rosewood handles and Japanese “Damascus” steel, these knives are made by forge-welding iron and steel slices which are then drawn out and folded as they are worked into a blade. The resulting 67 layers of high-carbon steel give these blades their distinctive pattern, hardness (60-62 HRC), flexibility, and excellent edge retention.

Utility knife (overall: 9.5", blade: 4.8")

Bread Knife (overall: 11.8", blade: 7.8")

Chef's Carving knife (overall:12.9", blade 7.8")

"Santoku bōchō" knife (overall: 12", blade 6.9")

Paring knife (overall: 8.1", blade 3.4")

Damascus Chef Knife Set

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