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With the proper care, your La Collina wood products will last a very long time. We have outlined some steps below to help you maintain your items.

Cutting and Serving Boards

Most of the time all you may need to do after using one of your boards is to wipe it down with a moist cloth and then dry it off. Use some gentle dish soap and warm water if your board has come into contact with oils or raw or cooked meat.


We do not recommend that you run water over a board and no wood products should ever see the inside of your dishwasher. Always dry the board thoroughly and set it on edge so that both surfaces of the board are exposed to the air. 


Never allow a butcher block board (without feet) to sit on a wet countertop or in a sink.


When it it completely dry, you may with to periodically reapply our "Cera della Nonna" or some other food safe conditioner to provide additional protection and restore some lustre to the board. 


Always observe safe food handling practices to prevent cross contamination from food-borne bacteria. 


Chefs Knives

Rinse and wash the knives with gentle soap and warm water after use. Exercise care; these knives are extremely sharp! Dry by hand and store ​in a drawer or knife block in such a way that the cutting edges do not contact other blades. The Rosewood handles may be wiped down periodically with our "Cera della Nonna" for additional surface protection. 


All your wooden kitchenware should be washed and dried by hand. You may use warm water and gentle dish soap with a soft sponge. Anything else will permanently ruin the finish on your item. Again, never let these items soak in water or put them into a dishwasher.


To keep your item looking healthy and offer additional protection, you should periodically apply a small quantity of  our "Cera della Nonna"  Let it absorb into the wood for a few minutes and then gently buff with a soft, dry cloth.

Other questions? Please do not hesitate to reach out to us!

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